Case: “Creating a Workplace Where We All Wanna Go Every Morning!” – Yasuteru Aoki

December 16, 2009


Solution Focus Consulting Inc. (Japan) was asked to help Canon FineTech Inc. change their workplace climate and become more innovative by encouraging more lively communication among the workers. CFT manufactures printing devices for copying machines and other industrial machines. They have 1600 employees and 5 sites in and outside Japan. They had tried some change work with a problem focused approach in the previous year but in vain. SFC conducted a four months long solution focused Workplace Climate Change Project at one of their smaller sites (160people). The project included surveys, training seminars and follow-up meetings. At the end of the 4 months, the survey showed 60% of the employees noticed positive changes in their workplace communication. After confirming the effect of the project, CFT is now continuing the project using their own resources and with as little help as possible from consultants.

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Making It Happen With Your Team by Paul Z Jackson and Colin Coombs

May 27, 2009


Tate hired ‘The Solutions Focus’ for a departmental teambuilding. This article follows the design, delivery and results of the assignment.

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