Exploring what works: Is SF the best way of harnessing the impact of positive psychology in the workplace? by Carey Glass M.Sc, C. Psychol

May 27, 2009
Contemporary research is demonstrating the power of positive psychology in the workplace. Work linking positive psychology and SF is, however, at its genesis and untested. This article asks two questions: First, does SF operate as a methodology for bringing the fruits of positive psychology into the workplace? Second, if it does, what does this mean for the practice of SF? What aspects should we focus on to maximise what works? This will be examined through the ground breaking work of Barbara Frederickson. Frederickson’s (2001) broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions will be considered and the evidence supporting it outlined. Hypotheses about the links between it, other cognate research and techniques used within SF will be examined to answer these questions.
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