Interview: Ben Furman: SF Respects the Not Invented Here Syndrome

Dr. Ben Furman is a psychiatrist and inspirational speaker and author from Finland. He is renowned his practical adaptations of the solution focused approach in different settings. In Kids’ Skills, people involved in the upbringing of children learn how to encourage children to develop the skills they need to overcome their difficulties. Together with his colleague Tapani Ahola he created the Twin Star and Reteaming models as practical applications of the solution focus in organisations. The first offers very practical suggestions on how to improve the psychosocial environment of the workplace. The latter presents concrete steps to motivate people to change. One characteristic in Ben Furman’s approach is the avoidance of blame storming. Talking about problems and what caused them quickly leads to accusations and excuses. These can be overcome by engaging in “solution talk”: talking about what you want instead of the problem and what can be done to get there. Another constant in his work is his interactive perspective: “We work with teams even when we work with individuals.”

The full interview is available in the SFCT journal InterAction.  Please add your comments to the interview below.


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